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The project management (PM) division is focused on Interior Design, Project Inspections, Management as well as light construction and remodeling. All PM work, design, inspections and construction is performed for residential and commercial projects including offices, stores, restaurants, industrial and educational. 

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The Economic and Financial division is focused on developing studies and business advisory. Business plans, market and feasibility studies are developed for all industries. Advisory is focused on Financial Planning (FP&A), Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A),  and Profitability Analysis for new and existing companies. We help you grow correctly or prepare you for a profitable exit.

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Both Financial and PM divisions intertwine to work with multiple tasks required in the management and execution of projects using federal funds. Specifically this division manages the inspection of design and construction projects using federal funds, as well as the generation of the applications for federal funds and subsequent studies. Funds include Recovery funds, Head Start among others in education and roads.

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