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Federal Funds Services


Project Management

Management of projects using federal funds. Audit readiness documentation, construction project management, inspections, contractor evaluations among other and all tasks required to complete project according to federal guidelines. Firm has experience with FEMA PA recovery funds, CDBG-DR, MIT and Head Start federal funds.


Application Completion

Application completion to request federal funds such as FEMA, CDBG and Head Start, for new construction and rehabilitation in accordance with federal regulations. The firm would manage putting together all documentation and analysis required in the application. Assistance for Government, Non-profits and private companies.


Professional Studies

Development or subcontracting of all professional studies required to apply to federal funds including Feasibility Studies, B/C analysis, Valuations, A/E studies, Phase I and Phase II, among other specialized studies. Architectural, Engineering and Environmental studies are sub-contracted, everything else is done in-house.

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